Eat. Work. Sleep!! Is this enough? I guess not. You sometimes have to be fearless, to get to the person who’s waiting for you in the long endless nights. Your companion! They’ll be a distraction for you. A really good distraction. They’ll understand you and they’ll carry you all the way from your jailed life to the shade next to a tree. Don’t make yourself tied with old nasty scars. Give yourself a chance. Be in love, and loose your fears. Be passionate for the other one and live a thousand flavours in just a second with your boon companion. Because you deserve to be loved and it’s good to be prevailed over a dark sky. Maybe you’re the rainbow and they’re the sky, waiting for the rain, cause after that it’ll be only you and them. Express yourself. Be kind to your heart, it still beats.


Roller coaster

In the midst of sky

stars were happy, the moon pleased

clouds cuddled and the rain began

the sea was clear

the fishes danced,

waves and rain kissed again

the light faded out

the soil shivered,

pleasant, dewy petrichor killed the pain

heartwarming and melting nights

kept the strangeness a side

sad fellows cried and drained,

life goes up

life comes down

the roller coaster never stops around.


Love at first sight

He was never the believer of being in love at the very instant the eyes come in contact.

But then there was she, who made him fall in love the day they met in the library.

She left him with an unexplainable anxiety; he felt the butterflies fluttering in his stomach when he first saw her. She smelled of soothing vanila. Her silky soft brown hair were just beautiful. The curves of her cheeks were perfect and his world stopped spinning every time, she innocently stared him with those almond big dark eyes. He never felt like that any before, perhaps it was the silent library or maybe the smell of old books, but there was something in that particular moment that felt so naturally complete. Though he found himself lost perfectly in her company.

Later that night, out of nowhere he found himself sketching her. Her every feature was as clear in his memory as the sky after heavy rain and he was wondering how on earth does this feeling means a lot to him.

And in that cold silence, for the first time ever he whispered to himself, I am in love with you lady …


Hey stranger,

Do I know you??? Of course not. Then why am I getting the feeling that, we have met before. Maybe you are the prince charming haunting my every single night. I know, that you are never going to believe but it’s the whole damn freaking truth that, your existence affects me. Your company feels so cozy, and when you wear that button down blue shirt, I couldn’t help but drench myself in your warmness. You feel so natural against my skin, so vivid, so adorable that my every thought is just attracted towards you. We are like the sun and moon always apart, but there will definitely be a day when this entire world would demise, the galaxies would collapse, the long written love stories will be no more than a crumpled piece of paper, and then there will be us, grateful to everything, for finding an end because from there, starts our unconditional bonding and our romantic journey that will never see this dramatic world or its beautiful creatures, but the clouds and the stars that always signifies our exorbitant love affair.

I am longing for that day, stranger.

The blank page

The night flows slowly pouring its fullness in the surrounding. It seems the perfect time, to uncaged the mingled thoughts which had occupied her. Maybe it was the silence, maybe it was the air but that particular moment seems so naturally perfect. And that’s because she was there gazing the sky with serenity, as it was the very first time she has given the opportunity to capture the beauty of stillness, to feel his presence beside her once more, to be the lucky one once again.

The sky was looking different, perhaps that was the first time she was lost in its nothingness. Little stars were twinkling behind the clouds. Somewhat signifying the best is now. She took a deep breath and start unwinding herself from everything. Her story was a mystery. Never written to find an end. Yet she was happy that way.

She was a blank page. And whenever someone starts filling that bank page with some magical language they are drawn apart, that’s what her fate is. But fortunately that someone is always the same. Again it was her fate. She believes that sometime, anytime. There would be no blank page. Someone will write it beautifully in the mysterious language of love and then, as always that someone will be him. After all, its in her fate to cross the river whispering sweetly those three words just to him.

Boon companion.

Intimate I love you…

I love you with each breath I take and I love you with every first blush. I see you in the moon and stars. We are together on sky embracing each other. I love the tenderness and simper of your face and I love the way you talk. Loving you, seems the most interesting thing of this entire universe.

I often join the dots from then till now, it somehow amused me. It brings me closer to you. Loving you unconditionally is the best I could do for myself and I feel pleasure doing it.

I do want to make you know about how much I miss you when you are far away, But see how unfortunate I am, I never had the correct words.

I Believe you will understand it some day.

Guilt; it will rot you away.

She was drowning in her memories. Her past was haunting her. She wanted to be loved. She was dying to feel that all again. Thoughts were trembling her and with each passing second, she was hating herself more.

She wanted to relive their parts and didn’t want them to be fade or demise with her every breath as a memory of some distant past.

Yet her wants were only restricted to her diary.

Everything had changed and the guilt was eating her away. It was like fungi rotting her inside out, making her hollow and fragile, perhaps she felt lost and phantom.

There was nothing she could do to rewind her life. The moments she had shared, the words she had exchanged, the pictures she had clicked, the kisses she had planted, each and everything was falling apart. Her mistake was huge and hence she was going to suffer her entire life. And then one day she would die with this burden, the thirst of not being accepted would tear her to bits and she would shatter like a glass longing for forgiveness.The guilt and sorrow was all she carries with her now.

Guilt is your best enemy, it never let you live the way you wanted to.