Belonging to the soul.

I belong to a world where money is everything.

No one lives to seek for dreams but to earn money, to be the richest. I don’t know the exact reason, but that’s what happening around me.

Sometimes belonging doesn’t matters but what you act is all which mattered. Happiness is hard to earn because neither it is sold nor it is created, perhaps it’s born. It is find and it’s discovered. It comes to you when your soul is satisfied.

It’s very painful to be a body with a sad soul.

Nothing is complicated enough hence, we are the ones who are making things harsh. We are in a race with no destination, we’re unwinding from our souls and that is the worst thing we are doing to ourselves. Its the betrayal.

Soul needs attention. It belongs to us and demands our company.

We belong to our souls and it is where we will find what we had lost. From the truest pleasures of life to the finest memories, we need the companionship !

And the soul is the best companion.

Perhaps, its the place where we truly belonged to.

The Soul.


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