Belonging to the soul.

I belong to a world where money is everything.

No one lives to seek for dreams but to earn money, to be the richest. I don’t know the exact reason, but that’s what happening around me.

Sometimes belonging doesn’t matters but what you act is all which mattered. Happiness is hard to earn because neither it is sold nor it is created, perhaps it’s born. It is find and it’s discovered. It comes to you when your soul is satisfied.

It’s very painful to be a body with a sad soul.

Nothing is complicated enough hence, we are the ones who are making things harsh. We are in a race with no destination, we’re unwinding from our souls and that is the worst thing we are doing to ourselves. Its the betrayal.

Soul needs attention. It belongs to us and demands our company.

We belong to our souls and it is where we will find what we had lost. From the truest pleasures of life to the finest memories, we need the companionship !

And the soul is the best companion.

Perhaps, its the place where we truly belonged to.

The Soul.


His eyes

They were black, the color anyone would die for. So vivid that I can’t help myself to fell in their darkness. A strange magic was there when he looks directly into my eyes, hence I can’t met the gaze, it was that much powerful. They felt safe and pure. They were honest. They glitter with every word he speaks. And then there were tears when I left.

But today I saw the blankness in them occupied by some strong fear.

And it was all that I could say..

“Ugly opening draft”

“Who I am and why I’m here”

Who I am ?? interesting question.

I am a typical Pakistani high school girl who just likes to sleep more than anything in the whole world, perhaps, it’s because I enjoy dreaming or dreams seem a better place to live as far as they are not shitty.

My presence here writing this blog signifies the importance of writing in my life. I am no more myself when I write. Its like when I write my soul and my imagination and my experience and my wants everything escape out of me and follow their way to the paper. I don’t know how to exactly describe my passion but this is the thing which sounds good. When I write the world around me seems a nice and flawless place, which is quite fascinating. Well this might be the whole cause for why I am here.

I salute your courage

To the martyrs of my beloved nation,

I am safe here to enjoy my life because of you. You don’t know me neither you had ever met me but still you have guarded me..

You had risked your life, just to protect my shelter, you had faced the thunders while I was soundly sleeping.. Why?? who am I you cared for?!.. you cared for me more than yourself because I am the one who is called Pakistani and you are the one who belongs to its army.

Do you know, Your mother cries for you and your sister misses you, your wife still sitting by the stairs waiting for you and your daughter still finding the love of a daddy. In fact she wants to be your princess which no more can happen and your son, he laughs around but his eyes are haunted by ghosts, the house is stock-still without you and pleading the faith to return you knowing that there’s no coming back !!

Yes of course you do know everything. You do. You are the one who chooses Pakistan against everything, its safety is all which mattered to you and that’s why before thinking about yourselves or your family you fight for your nation.

And this all happened in such a sudden that no one can believe it.. you lost yourselves but gave us the victory hence, left us to live with proud.

See this is you; the whole soul of bravery !

We owe this to all of you, and you are alive till the end in our hearts, in our memories.


A true Pakistani.

A women..

“If I were the last man alive on earth will then you marry me ?? after all, it will be the only choice you will have.” The rapist asked defensively.

“To marry you will be my last choice, but to never marry would be my first option”. She replied innocently

“Oh’ girl, you are meant to be someones property, your future lies in the hands of us.. we men are your hope and besides what use will it give you to remain single !?” he blurted out.

“Ah! your biggest mistake”… she said

You’ll never understand what is a women. She is, was and will always be a property for you, an instrument to play your own music.

But you are very wrong here;

A women is the most precious and delicate individual made by the God. She’s the purest soul. She’s brave and strong. She’s the one who is blessed with the ability to give birth and then she’s the one who felt all the pain in her womb. She weeps when she hurts you and she smiles when you smile. She’s a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, and yet she plays well in every role.She carries a world within herself…! She let you be the powerful and listen to your anger patiently when the faulty one is also you!

Just because she loves you.

Unfortunately you never apprehend her. You are the evil and see her as a timid, dependent, needy creature. You enjoyed her presence for your sake and left her for your freedom. Because you forget that; she’s the reason you are here, she’s your passion and your eagerness, your soulmate and your proud. You needs her to ace the world!

She needs nothing, just love and respect from your side, give her that and she’ll left the whole world just for you. She’s like that.

The girl stopped and a silence followed between them. And the silence was assuring the change from his side. At last she deserve’s the foremost.

Allô !

To the world reading it!!

So, this is my first post and yes, I am really enthusiastic. I am a girl with a strong held love for reading and much stronger of writing. I dream a lot and and hope big. My simplest wish is to change the world, to erase the evil and to draw the angel. And this blog is the smallest effort from my side to do so. I wish I would be able to achieve my goals soon. At last a step ahead to attract my destination.

Hope you will adore it 🙂