Love at first sight

He was never the believer of being in love at the very instant the eyes come in contact.

But then there was she, who made him fall in love the day they met in the library.

She left him with an unexplainable anxiety; he felt the butterflies fluttering in his stomach when he first saw her. She smelled of soothing vanila. Her silky soft brown hair were just beautiful. The curves of her cheeks were perfect and his world stopped spinning every time, she innocently stared him with those almond big dark eyes. He never felt like that any before, perhaps it was the silent library or maybe the smell of old books, but there was something in that particular moment that felt so naturally complete. Though he found himself lost perfectly in her company.

Later that night, out of nowhere he found himself sketching her. Her every feature was as clear in his memory as the sky after heavy rain and he was wondering how on earth does this feeling means a lot to him.

And in that cold silence, for the first time ever he whispered to himself, I am in love with you lady …


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