Guilt; it will rot you away.

She was drowning in her memories. Her past was haunting her. She wanted to be loved. She was dying to feel that all again. Thoughts were trembling her and with each passing second, she was hating herself more.

She wanted to relive their parts and didn’t want them to be fade or demise with her every breath as a memory of some distant past.

Yet her wants were only restricted to her diary.

Everything had changed and the guilt was eating her away. It was like fungi rotting her inside out, making her hollow and fragile, perhaps she felt lost and phantom.

There was nothing she could do to rewind her life. The moments she had shared, the words she had exchanged, the pictures she had clicked, the kisses she had planted, each and everything was falling apart. Her mistake was huge and hence she was going to suffer her entire life. And then one day she would die with this burden, the thirst of not being accepted would tear her to bits and she would shatter like a glass longing for forgiveness.The guilt and sorrow was all she carries with her now.

Guilt is your best enemy, it never let you live the way you wanted to.


One comment

  1. Nena · October 1, 2015

    So true and the last line is my favorite:
    “Guilt is your best enemy, it never let you live the way you want to”

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