The blank page

The night flows slowly pouring its fullness in the surrounding. It seems the perfect time, to uncaged the mingled thoughts which had occupied her. Maybe it was the silence, maybe it was the air but that particular moment seems so naturally perfect. And that’s because she was there gazing the sky with serenity, as it was the very first time she has given the opportunity to capture the beauty of stillness, to feel his presence beside her once more, to be the lucky one once again.

The sky was looking different, perhaps that was the first time she was lost in its nothingness. Little stars were twinkling behind the clouds. Somewhat signifying the best is now. She took a deep breath and start unwinding herself from everything. Her story was a mystery. Never written to find an end. Yet she was happy that way.

She was a blank page. And whenever someone starts filling that bank page with some magical language they are drawn apart, that’s what her fate is. But fortunately that someone is always the same. Again it was her fate. She believes that sometime, anytime. There would be no blank page. Someone will write it beautifully in the mysterious language of love and then, as always that someone will be him. After all, its in her fate to cross the river whispering sweetly those three words just to him.


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