Hey stranger,

Do I know you??? Of course not. Then why am I getting the feeling that, we have met before. Maybe you are the prince charming haunting my every single night. I know, that you are never going to believe but it’s the whole damn freaking truth that, your existence affects me. Your company feels so cozy, and when you wear that button down blue shirt, I couldn’t help but drench myself in your warmness. You feel so natural against my skin, so vivid, so adorable that my every thought is just attracted towards you. We are like the sun and moon always apart, but there will definitely be a day when this entire world would demise, the galaxies would collapse, the long written love stories will be no more than a crumpled piece of paper, and then there will be us, grateful to everything, for finding an end because from there, starts our unconditional bonding and our romantic journey that will never see this dramatic world or its beautiful creatures, but the clouds and the stars that always signifies our exorbitant love affair.

I am longing for that day, stranger.


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