I salute your courage

To the martyrs of my beloved nation,

I am safe here to enjoy my life because of you. You don’t know me neither you had ever met me but still you have guarded me..

You had risked your life, just to protect my shelter, you had faced the thunders while I was soundly sleeping.. Why?? who am I you cared for?!.. you cared for me more than yourself because I am the one who is called Pakistani and you are the one who belongs to its army.

Do you know, Your mother cries for you and your sister misses you, your wife still sitting by the stairs waiting for you and your daughter still finding the love of a daddy. In fact she wants to be your princess which no more can happen and your son, he laughs around but his eyes are haunted by ghosts, the house is stock-still without you and pleading the faith to return you knowing that there’s no coming back !!

Yes of course you do know everything. You do. You are the one who chooses Pakistan against everything, its safety is all which mattered to you and that’s why before thinking about yourselves or your family you fight for your nation.

And this all happened in such a sudden that no one can believe it.. you lost yourselves but gave us the victory hence, left us to live with proud.

See this is you; the whole soul of bravery !

We owe this to all of you, and you are alive till the end in our hearts, in our memories.


A true Pakistani.


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