A women..

“If I were the last man alive on earth will then you marry me ?? after all, it will be the only choice you will have.” The rapist asked defensively.

“To marry you will be my last choice, but to never marry would be my first option”. She replied innocently

“Oh’ girl, you are meant to be someones property, your future lies in the hands of us.. we men are your hope and besides what use will it give you to remain single !?” he blurted out.

“Ah! your biggest mistake”… she said

You’ll never understand what is a women. She is, was and will always be a property for you, an instrument to play your own music.

But you are very wrong here;

A women is the most precious and delicate individual made by the God. She’s the purest soul. She’s brave and strong. She’s the one who is blessed with the ability to give birth and then she’s the one who felt all the pain in her womb. She weeps when she hurts you and she smiles when you smile. She’s a mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, and yet she plays well in every role.She carries a world within herself…! She let you be the powerful and listen to your anger patiently when the faulty one is also you!

Just because she loves you.

Unfortunately you never apprehend her. You are the evil and see her as a timid, dependent, needy creature. You enjoyed her presence for your sake and left her for your freedom. Because you forget that; she’s the reason you are here, she’s your passion and your eagerness, your soulmate and your proud. You needs her to ace the world!

She needs nothing, just love and respect from your side, give her that and she’ll left the whole world just for you. She’s like that.

The girl stopped and a silence followed between them. And the silence was assuring the change from his side. At last she deserve’s the foremost.


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